About my personal view on photography

Photography in my opinion is one of the most subtle, varied and powerful forms of expression.  The mis-conception may be that you, the photographer, is capturing a slice of life, encapsulating it for an eternity in the form of an image.  True, this does happen, however, I believe that photography is more than that.  Photography is a piece of the photographer’s self, his ambitions, thought process, likes and dislikes; his passions, goals, dreams, nightmares…the list can go on and on.  Ultimately, photography is a cry to people, from someone about something.  Its a non vocal artistry of communication, and yet its a personal journal-like record of our deepest secrets, hidden in plain sight.  Photography to me is the epitome of an oxymoron wrapped in enigma and served with a glass of cold clarity.  It is in this context that my photographs are taken.  They are a cry to people about something from someone (me).  It is my personal journal in which, through the images presented, I lace my truths, struggles, desires, fears, hopes, dreams, etc. and yet I wont say a word (for the exception of the little blurbs on the bottom of the photographs :).  Through the eyes of a camera I hope to see, something I may not necessarily see at plain sight.  And through the intent of my capture I hope to write pages of journal entries that I want people to know about, but only to those who are willing to read them.

And so, I present to you, to those who would but stop, look, and listen.  The pages to my journal.

In your service,

Juan Castillo Jr.


3 thoughts on “About my personal view on photography

  1. I was stopped by your blog on Cedar Key. My entire family goes at least once a year and enjoys the Seafood Festival in the fall or the Art Festival in April, which is scheduled for this year. It’s a great community and has grown so much. I enjoy your photography and hope to be inspired:)

    • Thank you for stopping by :). My first experience with both of these festival was actually this past year. I was part of a Urban Regional Planning Studio at UF where we talked to the community concerning coastal change and sea level rise via booths at both festivals. I had a blast talking to the people and ejoying the art and the food but I also got to see and experience this great community. Ill be putting some more images from my trips to Cedar Key, I hope you enjoy them 🙂

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