Dragonfly (Benny) experience and my co-worker’s Canon.

Today, my co-worker allowed me to use his nice expensive Canon camera.  The experience left me forever changed…and It also left me with a new friend…Benny.

This little guy and I had tons of fun today as I tested my Co-worker’s camera.

At first, I didn’t know how close I could get to him without scaring him away

as it turned out, I could get close….really close, and he did not mind it..one bit……btw, there is no zoom action here, this is all Macro.

This guys just loved to show off. In one instance he left, and I thought, shoot, I scared him away, only to come right back with a bug in his mouth, as if to say “ooh OOh look what I can do”. I named him Benny

Im sure “Benny” was like “Oh another angle?….ok Im ready”

Thank you Benny for making my first experience with an expensive camera a memorable one. You are a good model and a good sport.


10 thoughts on “Dragonfly (Benny) experience and my co-worker’s Canon.

  1. These photographs are incredible! I found your page while looking at dragonfly photos for reference for a piece of dragonfly jewelry I am making. I have never seen one this color before. I may need to model my next dragonfly after Benny. 🙂

  2. Awesome photo!! Benny is beautiful & bold. SOMETIMES they will even land on your hand or arm. Try extending your hand out, palm facing down, parallel to his perch, about 1-3 inches higher.

    • I will do that! I Dragonflies are awesome. I’ve had Damselflies land on me all the time, but not Dragonflies. Thanks for the tip 🙂 I will definitely try this out next time I’m out shooting these guys 🙂

  3. I love Dragonflies. I know how awesome and amazing they are. However, I was teaching my writing class. It is an international class filled with students from all over the world, China, Japan, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, were present today. The assignment was for them to look at pics of Dragonflies and explain what they saw and felt. I found you and Benny. Oh my! what a wonderful gift the universe gave to you. I too have never seen one this colorful and with so much attention to detail. Thank you for sharing, from the woman who loves Dragonflies. What a treat!

    • Hi Fredrik! I actually took the picture in the yard adjacent to my internship office. But feel free to use the image for your digital dragonfly. Would love to see how it turns out 🙂

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